To enjoy all the seasons to their fullest, you need to consider how to create interest in your garden throughout the four seasons. By selecting the right trees, you can build the backbone of an ever-changing landscape, and create a garden you can enjoy for twelve months of the year.


As the days lengthen, the first signs of life in the landscape are a welcome sight. That’s why every garden needs at least one early flowering tree, somewhere cheerful to rest the eye whilst the rest of the garden pulls itself together!


Our favourite spring time trees:

Amelanchier Canadensis - Amelanchier are a lovely spring tree. In early spring they are covered in a profusion of small white flowers, which emerge from pink buds. They are perfectly suited for all size gardens as they only grow to around 8m. They also have edible berries in the summer, and beautiful autumn colour, meaning this tree has year round interest. An excellent all round tree.

Prunus Avium/Prunus Padus - Whilst many gardeners would choose one of the newer cultivars of flowering cherry, we think our native Cherry trees are an excellent choice for their spring beauty. They will both grow fairly large, so are not suitable for a small garden, but will make excellent feature trees in medium to large gardens. In mid-spring, these showy native trees are adorned by clusters of pure white blossoms. They also produce a large crop of edible cherries, have excellent autumn colour, and are both very valuable trees for our native wildlife.

Viburnum Lantana - The 'Wayfaring Tree' is a large deciduous shrub or small tree that is native to the UK. It produces fragrant, white panicles of flowers in the spring, which resemble the flowers of the other more popular Viburnum species . The flowers turn to red berries after being pollinated, turning black as they mature. They are inedible to humans, but are attractive to many birds and mammals. The leaves also turn to brilliant crimson colours in the autumn. An excellent shrub/tree that is suitable to all size gardens, as it does not grow too large and has almost year round interest. It is quick growing and does well in dry soils. Valuable to native wildlife.


With the blossoming of so many of the trees in the spring and the rich, warm colours that come in the autumn, summer is often overlooked when choosing trees for a colourful garden.

Trees with interesting foliage are important in the summer garden, providing bold contrasts to planting schemes, or adding an interesting focal point. If you want a tree with summer interest, choose one that has interesting coloured foliage; silvery, golden or purple.

Our favourite summer time trees:

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

Fagus Sylvatica 'Atropurpurea' -

Sorbus Aucuparia 'Asplenifolia' - 


Autumn is nature’s planting time. Here we have listed some trees that are particularly good for their Autumn Colour