Fruit Trees

Apple Trees

Rootstock available for Apples: M26 - Semi Dwarfing. A good rootstock for restricted spaces, although requires staking. Will reach 2.5m in 10 years

M27 - Dwarf. Ideal for small gardens or growing in containers, requires staking. Will reach less than 2m in ten years.

MM106 - Semi Vigorous. This rootstock is suitable for most soils and also exposed sites. Will reach around 3.5m in ten years

  • Blenheim Orange MM106 -

  • Bountiful  MM106 -

  • Braeburn - M26 MM106

  • Bramley Seedling M26 MM106

  • Cox Orange Pippin M26 MM106

  • Discovery M26 MM106

  • Egremont Russet M26 M27 MM106

  • Fiesta M26 MM106

  • Golden Delicious M26 MM106

  • James Grieve M26 M27 MM106

  • Jupiter MM106

  • Jupiter M26 MM106

  • Katy M26 MM106

  • Kidds Orange Red M26 MM106

  • Laxtons Superb M26 M27 MM106

  • Limelight M26 MM106

  • Lord Lambourne M26 MM106

  • Pixie M26 MM106

  • Red Devil M26 MM106

  • Red Falstaff M26 M27 MM106

  • Scrumptious M26 M27 MM106

  • Spartan M26 MM106

  • Sunset M26 M27 MM106

  • Worcester PearMain M26 MM106

Starline Apples

New A2 rootstock restricts the trees into slim, compact pillar shapes that will grow to an average height of 2 metres, yet bearing heavy crops along the full length of the stem. The starline apples are easily grown in a garden border, planted to create a fruit tunnel, in rows or even as a hedge or in pots. They are simple to manage and picking the fruit is easy. The fruits ripen to perfection and have an excellent flavour.

  • Starline Blue Moon A2

  • Starline Firedance A2

  • Starline Garden Fountain A2

  • Starline Golden Gate A2

  • Starline Greenfinch A2

Cherry Trees

Rootstock available for Cherries:

Gisela - Is a dwarfing rootstock which produces a tree to a maximum size of 3m / 10ft tall after 5 years or so. Less vigorous than colt but a good performer.

Colt - Semi Vigorous. Suitable for most soils and exposed sites, ultimate height around 3.5m in 10 years.

Half Standard - Grown on a Colt rootstock, grown with a clear stem and formed head. Ultimate height 3.5-4m in 10 years

  • Morello - Colt Gisela

  • Stella - Colt, Half Standard Colt, Gisela

  • Summer Sun - Colt

  • Sunburst - Colt

Damsons and Gages

Rootstock available for damsons and gages,- St Julian - Semi Vigorous. Suitable for most soils and exposed sites, ultimate height around 3.5m in ten years.

  • Farleigh - St Julien

  • Merryweather - St Julien

  • Shropshire Prune - St Julien

  • Old Greengage - St Julien

  • Oullins Golden - St Julien


  • Nottingham - Mono


Pear Rootstocks - Quince A - Semi Dwarfing. This rootstock is suitable for most soils and will cope in an exposed site, it will reach an ultimate height of around 3m in ten years.

  • Beurre Hardy - Quince A

  • Concorde - Quince A

  • Conference - Quince A

  • Doyenne Du Comice - Quince A

  • William's Bon Chretien - Quince A


Plum rootstocks - St Julian - Semi Vigorous.. It is suitable for most soils and exposed sites, ultimate height around 3.5m in ten years.

  • The Czar - St Julien

  • Marjorie's Seedling - St Julien

  • Victoria - St Julien


Quince A - Bush

  • Vranja

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